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Q. Why do i get the error message You do not have permission to view this topic or menu has been disable?
A. You will get that error message as posted above you don't have the required posts to access those sections.

Q. Where can i post to gain posts?
A. For new members with 0 posts best place to start is the Intro (Put Your Hands Up) section, create a thread or post in our Welcome to YGBB Thread etc.

Q. What are required post for each members?
A. For each member titles
*YGBB New faces you need to have 2+ posts to become a YGBB Member.
*YGBB Member you need to have 20+ posts to become a Advanced    member
* Advanced Members you need to have 100+ posts to become YGBB VIP

Advanced Members 20+ Posts , VIP Members 100+ Posts

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A-G Artist List

-Big Bang

H-N Artist List

-Kim Ji Eun
-Masta Wu

O-T Artist List

-Park Bom

U-Z Artist List

-YG Family
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